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Welcome to the English page of our website!


English is taught everyday by class teachers and is broken down into teaching reading and writing. 


Each year group bases their teaching of writing on their year group expectations and around the topic that their year is learning about that term so that the children can have as many links to different parts of the curriculum as possible. All year groups have a text which they base their learning around each term which allows the children to understand any grammatical knowledge being taught through the use of an actual text which they are connected to.



Teachers use Working Walls to record essentially learning which the children can then use in their work. 



Since January we have had a large focus on improving children's vocabulary - both phonetically and in their understanding. We feel that it is important that schools stretch and challenge children's minds in regards to vocabulary so that they can understand more in all areas of life. With this in mind, the entire school has a 'Word of the Week' which they can receive house points for (even the adults in school!). Children are encourage to use them in their writing and in every day language.

Word of the Week displays

Word of the Week displays 1
Word of the Week displays 2
Teachers have also been introducing their class to new specific words which relate to the area or topic which they studying.

A selection of ways to record new words.

A selection of ways to record new words. 1
A selection of ways to record new words. 2
A selection of ways to record new words. 3

Spelling Activities

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