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Whilst school is closed it is the perfect opportunity to get to know the world around you! Geography should play a part in everyday life, from what the weather is like, to places you have travelled and the impact we are having on the environment. 


Below are some links to help keep your geography going whilst you are off school: - brilliant for making models and quizzes. - free PDF worksheets covering a range of topics. - BBC is providing daily content to support learning from home. - Brilliant for showing creative ideas to do with Geography. 


Newsround is also great for keeping up to date with current ongoings. 


Top tip: try and link your geography learning to your current topic. For example, Year 4 pupils should focus on geographical aspects of the rainforest wherever possible. 

Welcome to the Geography Curriculum page 


At Linton Heights, geography is taught mainly through topic work (please see individual Year group pages for more details). This is usually taught by class teachers. The skills children learn throughout their time at Linton are divided into the following six sections: locational knowledge; place knowledge; human geography; physical geography; geographical skills and fieldwork. 


A high-quality geography education should inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. As part of CHET (Chilford Hundred Educational Trust), we are free at Linton Heights to move away from the National Curriculum and teach geography in a way we feel really engages children. By teaching geography through the different topics, often using an enquiry led approach, children gain geographical understanding in context; for example in Year 3 when learning about the Anglo-Saxons the children will try to find an answer to the questions 'Where did the Anglo-Saxons come from?' and 'Why did they settle where they did?'  Through this, children will learn about land use and settlement in a meaningful context.


As with history, there are often many enrichment activities like trips, visitor or special days associated with topic work which further helps children to embed their geographical knowledge. In 2018, the whole school enjoyed the first 'Commonwealth Day' at school which gave everyone a chance to learn lots about the Commonwealth countries and have lots of fun throughout the day.


In Year 6, the residential trip to Aylmerton in Norfolk allows the children to find out first hand about coastal erosion and rock formation.


It is extremely important that children have a greater understanding of the wider world and have an understanding of place and locational knowledge across the globe. There are lots of exciting games and quizzes focussing on countries, continents and capital cities!



Year 4 Rainforest displays

Year 4 Rainforest displays 1
Year 4 Rainforest displays 2