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During the school closure you might like to take the opportunity to carry out some of your own history related learning.


Here are some recommended websites:


The BBC website has a wealth of resources to browse. Scroll down to find some practical activities such as building your own castle.


History for kids

Lots of interesting facts and free worksheets to download.


National Geographic Kids

One of my favourite websites covering history as well as geography and science. Check out the competitions and games!


Saffron Walden Museum

It's really worth exploring everything this blog has to offer from information about Stone Age tools, to 101 things to do on lockdown. 




Welcome to the history page! 



At Linton Heights, history is taught through the topic work - see each year group's page for further details. These topics are chosen carefully to engage children and to allow them to develop a range of skills in the following categories: understanding sources of evidence; understanding that different versions of history exist; awareness of connections, contrasts and changes over time; understanding of significance of historical events, people and achievements; chronological knowledge and historical enquiry.


As part of Anglian Learning, we are free to be able to move away from the National Curriculum to deliver a  high-quality history education which engages the children. Some of the topics the children learn about include: Ancient Egyptians; Anglo-Saxon Britain; Ancient Greeks, The Victorians; The Maya Civilisation; World War Two and The Silk Road. 


Our goal at Linton Heights is to inspire a love of history in pupils, to ignite their curiosity to know more about what they have learnt in class and to equip them to ask perceptive questions, think critically and weigh up evidence.


In addition to the weekly lessons the children receive, there are lots of cross curricular links to their topic and most year groups have  a wide range of enrichment which could include trips, special days, visitors or dramatic productions.  For example in Year 5 whilst studying the Victorians, the children have the opportunity to have a Victorian dress up day and do some Victorian cooking. To help our students gain deeper understanding of the period of history they are studying, teachers will often choose class books pertinent to their topic, for example Street Child in year 5.


Displays from around the school showing some of our topic work