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Our Curriculum

Information about the curriculum for each year group is below.  This includes the overview for the academic year plus a detailed termly newsletter.  If you would like any more specific details about our curriculum please speak to your child's teacher. 


Our Vision:


A learning community that together supports and provides challenge for all learners enabling them to overcome barriers to reach their full potential and thrive.


Well-motivated children, surrounded by high expectations, achieving rapid progress.


Pupils and staff are thoughtful individuals who together show kindness, responsibility and respect.


Together we learn. Together we thrive.



Curriculum statement:


At Linton Heights we offer a curriculum which is broad and balanced ensuring that all children become engaged, active and life-long learners.


The subjects we teach reflect those in the National Curriculum 2014 with the core subjects (English, maths and science) incorporating many of the objectives. However, our academy status allows us to be flexible with our teaching to ensure that children’s learning is enriched and meaningful.


Teachers are not tied to any particular published schemes or programmes. This allows our child-focused curriculum to be adapted based on assessment information, feedback from pupils and parents, monitoring findings and opportunities for links within wider community. Well differentiated. quality first teaching allows all children to succeed across the whole curriculum.


Children study a topic over a term. Realistic and meaningful links are made to these topic headings including through our home learning menu system. We teach Religious Education (Cambridge County Council Agreed Syllabus) and Personal Social and Health Education (Cambridge PSHE Service Personal Development Programme), which often cannot be tied into a topic, as half termly days. We have found that this gives us more time to deeply explore these areas of learning.


We are committed to providing opportunities for children to apply their skills in a range of meaningful contexts. Enrichment is a vital part of our curriculum and a big part of why children love attending Linton Heights Junior School. We strive to provide a wide range of opportunities – school trips including a day trip to France, residential trips, visitors, special whole school days and weeks, extra-curricular clubs, sports competitions and events, music opportunities, forest school and plays and performances. Take a look at our Twitter account for a feel of all of these fantastic opportunities.


We have created our own skills progression documents for foundation subjects. They were created after consultation with colleagues at Linton Infants and Linton Village College to ensure that vital learning is built on and our children are as best prepared as possible for the next stage of their education. These skills are assessed using our own system allowing us to make judgements about how well children are achieving in all subjects, where there is room for improvement and where the curriculum might need altering to ensure these are achieved.


Through a rigorous system of monitoring by subject leaders, senior leaders and governors we are certain that our curriculum is being delivered effectively ensuring that our children are proud of the work they produce and that standards are high across all subjects.

Everything we do, including the curriculum is underpinned by the school’s values (respect, resilience, ambition, kindness, responsibility, honesty), British Values, SMSC and how passionately we believe in high quality education for all learners. Our focus on pastoral care and mental well-being (through growth mindset, mindfulness and counselling) allows all children not just to be prepared for the next step in their education but to become resilient adults.